Sunday, June 17, 2012


so i went to LA for 5 days.
for my overview on my trip to mexico. got the lowdown and the need-to-know details. figured out my ride down (headed down in a 2011 subaru outback, style!) and learned that my trip will be made into a documentary by PJ Palmer - which i find appropriate. because cameras dont bother me... most of the time. 

i also did some other things on my trip ... went to the natural history museum with tayler. went and visited my cousin Ali and she did my nails. went to hollywood with brent & holly who are visiting from england. went back to hollywood to go to an awesome show. went to disneyland with two babe'n dudes. and all around... had a good time. 

me at the natural history museum 
the north american animals hall.. 
the only place that wasnt crawling with kids

The Koren Friendship Bell / Fort MacArthur / Seal Sanctuary
in San Pedro. I'd play basketball here any day. 

Hollywood Sign in Bronson Park
& Holly holding a piece of wood.... clever!

Iron Man was protecting me from Brent .. 
I really wish it was Robert Downey Jr in there... sigh... 

Kenneth... the lost boy... 

Kodii ... the funny boy...

showin off our style 
he made me the spoon ring i now wear on my right hand
the one ring to rule them all 

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