Friday, June 1, 2012


pretty proud to say that two of my photos are featured on the blog this week! i made a pretty cool contact with an editor and he really hooked me up! thanks Erik !

you can see the blog post here: TAHOE.COM

i'm doing better this week - this week did go by super fast. 
on monday i finally got to experience my dream of DODGEBALL! my friend Dan helped me make it come to life and so many awesome friends came to participate. it was so fun. im still sore...  we got a lot of photos , but these two are the only "posed" shots... thats the original dodgeball team down there , minus a few players (like me, since i was taking the photo) it was so fun and we all had such a good time that we plan on doing it again ... and after other people saw how awesome it turned out im sure they will be participating in it too. success! 

anyways .. its warming up fast. and i am itching to be free. i dont know how im gonna have a summer where i work full time... i'll probably miss out on a lot of fun happenings around town. bummer. oh well... hopefully they wont mind if i show up fashionably late and in scrubs... i hope this is my last summer in placerville as a resident ... i really hope i'll be in hawaii by this time next year. schooling and adventuring. i think i decided my majors ... i think everyone might already know... child studies... duh. it would only make sense. pretty excited to finally know what avenue i am going to take. now if only i could come up with a job i will love for afterward... ideas and input welcome on this subject... 



Anonymous said...

Its a wonderful thing to wake and read such positive thoughts from you. You will not just do well in your life, you will be amazing. It seems, even though i still don't know you, that any profession having to do with children is as perfect as perfect can get for you. Go be awesome!

cassandra noëlla said...

who are you!!! i need to know...