Saturday, December 6, 2008

hula hoop

just me, anouk, the moon & the christmas lights around my window.

about to go get curled up in my big comfy bed & sleep in tomorrow. i worked all day, i've been up since 7:00, but actually arose at about 7:45, saturday's are so hard to get out of bed early especially when its cold out side. at the event i worked tonight there was a mentalist. the only way i can describe what this guy did/does is like this. you're standing in one part of the room and hes standing in another & you have a piece of paper that you wrote something random on and he hasn't seen it, and he knows what it says when you look at it. sort of like he can see through your eyes. its really amazing. i can tell when some people fake things and when others don't. he wasn't faking because he used his magic on me when he was leaving the building. its just so cool what people can do. i also saw a girl hula hoop really really good, and it makes me want to hula hoop too. she also had bouncy stilt-like things and i want them also.

**remember hula hoops & stilts for later.

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Fran said...

My daughter (Hoopalicious) makes, decorates and sells her unique hula hoops online at Want to see some great hoop style dancing, go to YouTube and search for Hoopalicious - all her demos are there and more.

Mammalicious (I'm a 56-year-old hoop dancing mamma)