Wednesday, December 10, 2008

positive affirmations

the untold power of the human psyche. i believe people construct their own realities of abundance or poverty. through affirmations, people give operating instructions to their mind. the universe is enormously abundant. you have to believe in it. put your love and positivity out there and you'll be safe. if you think that money is limited, then it will be. if you have a negative attitude about money, you will not attract it. saying "i cant afford that" is an affirmation. you must believe in abundance before you can participate in it.


Ginger said...

Cassie, I worked at Holiday Inn reservations but that was 10 years ago. Usually the jobs are call center type jobs and you work full time. It is hard, but if you can do it it is totally worth it! I would just check the classifieds. Usually they will advertise it. Your post today reminds me of the bood, "The Secret".

Pres8Jes said...

dont know why but it bothers me way so bad ew.
i just always say 'haAAAA!' like the ying yang twins or something.
how are ya?