Saturday, December 20, 2008


stupid sam broke down the big icicle outside my window when i wasn't in the room. i was sad. i walked in to the dining room and saw him halfway out the window with the screen on the floor and the ice in his hands. it was weird. he said it will grow back. still wasn't his ice to be breaking. jerk. i've been measuring the other big one every day. its my favorite. i'm just glad he didn't break that one. i have bonds with my ice.


Ginger said...

What? Why did he do that? I am sad you didn't watch the kids too, but that would have been so much driving. :( I am sure we will see you on Christmas, right? Churro. That sounds good. Let us know how the sushi goes.

Molly said...

Hi. I came across your blog and it's really cool!
Where do you live in SL that allows kitties?? Is the rent decent?

alexandra jade said...

hey i like your polyvore. its fun huh. i think im gonna do a new one each week. hahha... dont move. you never talk to me.