Thursday, December 4, 2008

change my ways rearrange my days

johannes hevelius*
la femme parallel*

i think i'll think more about moving to iceland.
múm & Olöf Arnalds - two beats i enjoy are from there too.

i've been feeling lately like i need to get out of here. i really really need to get out of this apartment. i can't stay here anymore i have to move. which is strange because i love this place. but something all of a sudden just changed and i have to leave. but i know no one and have no place to go and no one to room with. i have no options. i am panicking. really badly. i have a lot of things and no place to move them or nothing to move them with. i am stuck here in a bad position. i could sell most of it. but then what?


Ginger said...

You can rent out our townhome but I'm sure you don't want to live out here. We are going to re-carpet it. But the rent would be high but you could split it with 2 other people because it is 3 bedrooms/3 bathrooms.

michelle said...

told you, you shouldnt have moved out of california. but what do I know.

Pres8Jes said...

how long until your lease is up at that place?

cult classic said...

dude move to slo with me begining of summer. reunite!!! ahah

Meg said...

sometimes you have to sell everything, re-adjust, and settle again... even if it is in the exact same spot.