Friday, August 28, 2009

$600 winner

i won $600 dollars yesterday at jackson casino. it was my first time going to a casino , my grandma took me gave me $50 and i ended up winning $600. sometimes i get a streak of luck.. who knew.

sam cracked his head open on the sidewalk last night. i'm trying to convince my self its some sort of collective karma. maybe it was just a sign. maybe just a dumb accident. or all of the above.

i am wearing a pair of jeans for the first time in a long while. it feels weird. i miss seeing my legs exposed. shorts and sandals are my style. i like the cold sometimes, but i'm more of a warm weather type of girl.

since i havent posted up a recent photo of my self lately, this is what i look like today.


Sophia said...

CONGRATULATIONS! wow i'm never ever lucky. ever.
and you're very pretty :)

Lisa said...

a warm weather kind of girl???

Anonymous said...
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