Monday, August 10, 2009

home in california

it feels good. but also makes my heart torn a bit. i miss utah so much and i wish it was closer to california. i miss my lilian a bunch. i came home and unpacked everything so that when i woke up i wouldnt have to deal with it all. my anouk sel dean cuddled with me this morning. she woke me up and rubbed her head on mine and then snuggled up right next to me. i missed her so much. shes really big! after being around deuce for a week and 3 days i realized how grown up anouk has gotten! shes sooo soft.. still the softest cat i ever felt.

i miss my family. i haven't seen them for like 2 weeks. i came home to an empty house because everyone is gone still.


Anonymous said...

this goes without saying... but.... you're really purdy.

Ginger said...

It was good seeing. And you are pretty. I saw that picture on FB with your eyelids painted. That was cool!

Anonymous said...

also... i would like to say that i saw the opposites shoot you did with jake garn and the photos turned out simply stunning. great work to the both of you! and i like the concept you got to do. one of the best for sures.

yay! shley.