Monday, August 17, 2009

upcoming birthday of my dear little friend.

my very best friend in the whole world anouk will be turning a year old next week. however her birthday is the same day my old friend naomi was killed. so it will be a happy/sad day. anouk is so grown up now, i can hardly remember when she was just a baby with a scab on her nose. i didn't even want her.. but she loved me out of all people so i couldn't resist trying her on for size and then the next morning when i woke up she was all snuggled up next to me on my sweater and i had to keep her. she is the best cat ever, so loyal and funny. she is a chartreux cat. she also sleeps hilarious so i have about a million photos of her sleeping all wild like. am i thrilling with my cat stories? a lot of people say i am going to be an old cat lady.. i think they are right.. sigh.


lovely lindsay said...

i love that you know your totem animals. please tell me how you figured it out. and i think you need this:

happy birthday anouk!
love, lindsay

Shley1derful said...

oh yeah you could totally pull it off I'm sure. just make sure before you do it you have an elaborate collection of large dangling earings and colorful eyeshadows.... you know, to keep it interesting. I only have one really dorky photo of me with a shaved head. but I'll scrounge it up and send it to you.

chanelle said...

i can't believe it's been an entire year since you got anouk and since naomi passed away. that means it's been a year since my cat passed away. i remember us talking about it. i'm excited that anouk is getting older! send her my love

Molly said...

i think anouk needs a friend.
i'll send you one?