Tuesday, August 25, 2009

okay.. this is my OLD blog : dimensions to the undefinable
i want you to forget about that one.. add THIS ONE that you are reading now to your follow list.. because you want to read all about my super exciting life right? i told you guys i'm tryin to be more interesting on here. i mean i went and adopted a manatee , doesn't that count? what else do you want from me!!! i'm never good enough for you!!

just kidding. but really, go ahead and follow this one so you can know when i've posted something worth your while to read. like how today i washed my car. exciting right? basically thrilling.
i do however have a book list for people who love books and need some new reading material..

1) the glass castle - currently reading, currently LOVING
2) case histories - not for those who don't like sad (but intriguing) things.
3) the guernsey literary and the potato peel society - one of my all time favorites
4) the time travelers wife - you all know about the movie. but read the book first .. i promise its better than the movie although the movie was very good.
5) water for elephants - super good for people who like super good things.

i also recently got these books in the mail -
the stamp of fantasy
the scourge of the swastika

i'm not a creep about the wwII book, it's just really . alluring to me. not in a creep way like i said.


Shley1derful said...

let the rain dance begin!

Ruta said...

ooo yay i love this book list. i saw the glass castle at the book store but i wasn't sure if i should buy it. i think i will now.

kelsey lucia said...

guernsey book, one of my favorites as well!!!

stephanie said...

I was supposed to see that movie with my dad but he went and saw it without me! He said he would go see it again though cause he saw it with my mom. SO im not mad =)
I would love to read the book though im sure it is a lot better than the movie, The Notebook was so much better as a novel than it is a movie.. so much better.

chanelle said...

thank you about the photos, my dear. and YES of COURSE i'd love it if you came to visit during winter break. i'll be here whenever and if you ever come! that would be something for the books.

Some Girl said...

I just read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and wrote a book review about it for a local newspaper. I liked it a lot.