Friday, August 21, 2009

yosemite get-away !

so .. yesterday i decided to throw a couple things into my car and head on down good ole hwy 49 to yosemite to meet up with my friend lindsey - who i absolutely love - to have a "before school starts last vacation for who knows how long" trip. so i ended up getting lost for a bit so i was about an hour late getting there. AND my car decided to light up the "check engine" sign all the way there. (in my entire owning of my subaru has never done before.) but it turned out to be nothing but i was still worried for a bit there.

so it was a beautiful day trip. we went swimming at a cool little water hole. we drove to the valley floor and saw half dome, glacier point, some water falls, etc. it was glorious. we ate dinner at the wawonna hotel. and we stayed at cabin 79 in the redwoods. lindseys family owns some cabins up there to rent out so we got to stay in one because it wasnt being rented out, it was real nice! i don't have any photos yet , besides one i took with my camera phone but once lindsey sends the photos we took my way i'll post them up here for you all to see because its sooo beautiful you gotta see it.

but i drove home early bird this morning and the sun was rising as i was driving thru the park and i felt like i was the only person in the world for a while because the scenery and world around me was so.. pretty, chilly, crisp, soft and magic. i like moments like those. here i am now , just very tired. can't wait to show you all photos from my trip..


miranda said...

it was wawonna! mama was right!

Ruta said...

oh, thats no problem. the post office doesn't mail on weekends anyways. i'm mailing your tomorrow or sunday. either way, they will only send it out monday. i hope you do like it though :)

Sophia said...

ahh completely gorgeous. i wish i had pretty views like that where i live.

michelle said...

love moments like that.