Monday, August 31, 2009

worst river trip ever

so meg, gabe, brent and i went to the river.. it sucked. because megs friend dragged us out to the middle of farm land with out our knowledge. and we went to this "river" that had pipes running into it. so basically we were floating in leftover water and i'm not happy about the trip at all. i wanted the american river with some rapids and adventure.. not some barely moving "river" that i could stand up in half the time and have the water not even reach my knees. it took us 4 hours to get to the end. un heard of. needless to say, i wasn't happy! my floatation device even popped .. luckily we were almost done. & brent voluenteered to use it and gave me his floatation. the two good parts were when brent found some rope swing - it was in shallow water so it made no sense at all.. you couldn't jump off of it cause you'd fall in sand. but brent tried it anyway and his butt dragged in the water and it looked so funny i kept making him do it. and then another fun part was when brent started to sing a made up song about the river in hillybilly voice. both were highlights of the river.

but ultimately, my favorite part.. was the car ride. because of the grooves. brent & gabe jammed out. i brought the guitar, bongos & harmonica. so brent played guitar and gabe played his mandolin. here is a video of it - (im not playing harmonica in the video)

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