Thursday, October 1, 2009

i am so mad i got rid of this shirt + p.s. i need clothing help

because i really liked it. and i want to wear it the days. because i have nothing new in my wardrobe at all. i am an old boring worn out mess. i need to give my wardrobe an update. maybe next week. because tomorrow i am buying my camera (d300s) and a lens (50mmf/1.4) and a filter.. and a memory card.. so i'll be sorta down on the count for a second there. but next week i'll try to purchase some tank tops & a pair of pants and SOME SHOES i need some shoes. hey all you fashion lovers that i am blog following these days want to point me in the direction of some sweet sites that i can purchase some new threads and digs for not so much?

but first know this: i don't wear the color red, i don't ever really wear tshirts, i don't "match", & i don't wear earrings even tho i have my ears double pierced. i also don't wear heels even tho i am only 5'2. because i go to college and i work therefore heels just don't mix at all. here is my style in various photos, so you can get the idea:

i like vests. and arm bands. if you look closely in every photo of me i have a brown arm band on my left arm. its been there for 4 years, its hemp string. i have seen some people copy me with that & they give up because they knew they are lame for trying to be like me.. suckers. it's not a fashion statement really, it represents my big brother who is in the army. i put it on when he left. it'll probably stay on for the rest of my life. sometimes i put the big gold arm band over it tho. that thing ROCKS.

i wear 4 rings at all times - i dont need any new rings because these never come off.. but i like silver & gold. and i loooove gem stones.

i told you i dont match. thats me on the left. i don't really layer anymore. but i'm pretty relaxed when it comes to getting dressed as you can tell.

i don't have much rack, so i can wear whatever i want. i look so fake baked here but i'm not ,do armpits even tan? geeze. i like dark colors, i prefer wearing black. but i do LOVE color. just bursts of it.

i like bracelets. mostly cloth/string/maryroot. but i do wear metal. that one bracelet is a giraffe.
i also like gold, i just think gold makes you look cleaner with certain outfits. and more warm.

i look a little bit retard here in this photo but i mostly all of the time wear moccassins. i have those boots and my other two slip on mocs. that is my dilemma currently because mocs in wet weather = no good. so i'm on the prowl for some sort of shoes. i'm picky tho. i want some equestrian boots. soo sick.

gosh i really don't have many photos of myself full body wearing what i wear. i guess i need to start. because i want to remember one day what i dressed like. i wear loose fitting clothing except my pants, only some. i'll publish more of what i wear so that everyone can see it, make fun of it, or dig it and compliment. either way i'm gonna be more interesting here in the blogosphere. now that i will have a camera so i'll post up good photos. and that i will be painting more so people can buy my work. i do custom..

bon nuit ~


Valencia Lia said...

Ohhh,I'm so excited for you that you're getting your new camera tomorrow ! Wooooo

And I love this post,always so nice to know more about another person:)

I love love bracelets. Like my brazilet that I have on not long ago,and I love it ! Bracelets like that are more attractive to me. heee

4rings at each time is always cool! I wear up to 3 or 4rings each time.But I do take them off when I'm at home or those rings will rust with me washing my hands so often.

Loved the 1st photo the most !

Ginger said...

Yeah! You will love the camera. I need help on shoes. When you find some I will copy you again.

jenna said...

I enjoy you. But you know this already.

Anonymous said...

i just got the most awesome dress and jacket from modcloth.... i'll post it but you've seen some of the pics

Melly Mel said...

I love these pictures. You have great clothes darling.