Saturday, November 7, 2009

i need to get back into modeling.

i haven't had a shoot for so long. the last time i had a shoot.. was in august i think. i haven't gotten the photos back from that shoot yet either. i can't wait to see them. i've done a lot of work with jake garn .. as you can see. he's an amazing photographer. i need to book some stuff big time because i miss modeling. anyone want to help me out here?
here are some photos i have in my portfolio .. i have a lot more but these are some of my favorites. i've only been in one magazine.. that was in asia in 2008. that's about all on my resume for modeling. i was almost in a music video as the main girl but that got canceled. bad luck i guess. can it still count?

hair & make up : paula dahlberg | wardrobe : keith bryce | photo : jake garn

hair & make up : paula dahlberg | wardrobe : keith bryce | photo : jake garn

warbrobe : free people | photo : t&c

hair : matthew landis | make up : kristian bankston | photo : jake garn

wardrobe : mckell maddox | photo : jake garn

hair : steven robertson | make up : paula dahlberg | photo : jake garn


Anonymous said...

You are really good and beautiful!
get a modelmayhem account if you want more resume fillers, its REALLY good for networking with other models and photographers.

MARISA said...

wow you are gorgeous

i love the free people rad

Victoria-H said...

I agree- longer hair is fun ! and wow you really had long hair before then !
Stunning photos of you dear ! Really nice shots. and hope you get any fun shoots soon !

Valencia Lia said...

Girl you look gorgeous and so beautiful in every photo:)

I really feel you should go back to modeling,you make such a beautiful model !! Go go go,supporting you all the way <3

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