Tuesday, November 10, 2009

grow slow

today i bought a velvet dress at the thrift store that i am going to sew to make it fit me.

i haven't been taking any photos lately. i don't know why. i guess i have nothing to photograph. no one seems to care when i take photos anyways, i need to travel somewhere to get some good photos. i gotta really "wow" you guys or something because no one ever comes and reads my blog anymore. geeze haha. but i did take some of myself today... bored.
i really want to go to england to visit my brother for new years. but the chances of that are small. ii was going to paris for new years.. but that plan didnt follow thru which is STILL a bummer. i will probably end up in salt lake city which is closer, cheaper and normal. the reason i would go to salt lake instead of stay here .. because none of my friends live around me anymore so i have nothing to do. and none of my friends who live other places care to invite me to do anything.. let alone keep in contact with me. so whatever. i guess its partially my fault since i am busy with non-stop school work and working. that's what happens when you are trying to get your bachelors, masters and doctorate in bio-science to become a naturopathic doctor. ummm

but i am going to san fransisco in december for a couple days to stay with my friend meg and explore the city and have some time off before school starts up again. that will be much needed, plus its only a 2 hour drive. easy.

i probably shouldn't even be writing a blog right now. but i am avoiding my history paper and math homework. i am really tired and i just want to nap. but school work is whirling around in my head and constantly pestering me. i can't wait until this term is done. i'm so done with these classes.


Anonymous said...

I love your photos!
geez, i think all of them are interesting.

cult classic said...

yo i dropped one of my classes so i am so bored now. i get to go to new york for a week with ryan pretty stoked about that. but new years im prob. going to have to work alllllllll night :( sad. and im gunna have to work christmas eve christmas thanksgiving. bunch o ball sack. go to go to boreal today. wreaked.

Valencia Lia said...

Ohhhh,you're so gorgeous girl !! You're really a natural beauty:)

And don't say that,I still read your blog of course! Don't give up blogging,keep going !

Can't wait to see your velvet dress,I need more velvets in my closet !

Colin Roe said...

I tried to leave a comment.... but it wont let me hide htmlmessages

Ginger said...

You are funny. I blog at the weirdest times, too. Mostly when I want to avoid doing something else.

em said...

cassie, its like our lives are so similiar. if you ever come back to utah you can stay with me. buuuut it would probably be more fun when i get my own place. so im going to achieve that goal first haha.

bob marley says that "every little thing is gonna be alright"

i like to think of that song when im like "fuck shit fuck"

Jenna said...

Love YOU my pretty.