Friday, November 27, 2009

thankful for .. walkin closets

(the double as a hideout) i am thankful for my cat.. anouk seldean. i love her more than anything. i am thankful for my totally radical family. because they are hilarious and keep not only my family.. but EVERYONE on their toes. i am thankful for my car.. my trusty subaru legacy outback. for sweet warm candles & chocolate. for my friends near and far - old & young. for lots and lots of things.but today .. i am thankful for my leather boots and leather jacket because it is going to rain.
i am going down to sacramento today to see brooke.. whom i have not seen in a long long time. jackie is coming with me because she is home for a couple days too. i haven't seen either of them for quite some time. i am excited. we are going to get tea.

i took some photos of my thanksgiving last night. well, of the dessert. hahahaha ... & we didn't eat the cat food.. i got those for my 3 cats.. don't judge me.. i love my cats.

that apple pie was cracking me up because it was so tall. and that was their smallest one! they come in sizes.. we got the apple and the pumpkin pies from the Kids INC farm.. sooo yummy. im going to have pumpkin pie for breakfast. i am disgusting when it comes to eating food. i never eat it at the right time. but i dont even care.
i tried to make sams moms recipe of breadsticks and i thought i was doing great but they didnt even work! they didnt rise at all. and i put yeast in. yeast hates me. i am not a very good baker. but i can cook. one day i'll learn to make breadsticks the right way.


Cantaloupeisland said...

Those pies look great! Not so for the cat food though. ha :-D

I like the look of your vertical apple pie too(I love apple pie).

Looks like you had a great thanksgiving Cassie!

em said...

you have no idea how much i NOW REALLY WANTed to spend thanksgiving with you and your fam. next year????

Panda said...

ahhhhhh :) How is wish i was american. I am positively drooling at that pumpkin pie...

Cute blog,

Panda xx

Jenna said...

Your table setup looks elegant. I like.

Valencia Lia said...

I love love the pumpkin pie !! Its my favorite pie of all,and I love love it so much:)

lovely photos and it seemed like you had a great thanksgiving<3

Barbro Andersen said...

Oh, wow, these pictures are really amazing! Makes me want to celebrate <3