Friday, November 6, 2009

you can go your whole life collecting days.

you can go your whole life collecting days.
& none will out weigh the one you wish you had back.

i just purchased 4 tops. i was in desperate need of new clothing items. i plan on getting a pair or two of boots next week. and i need some pants.. pants are the worst for me. they never fit. i just need a bunch of different spandex or leggings and that will be great. or i just wish i could wear shorts all the time. i will take pictures of my new purchases when they arrive. i have been slacking so bad on photos since i got home. i totally gave up on my one photo a day because i just dont have the patience for that right now nor the time.. nor the creative eye as of late.

i am signing up for spring term soon. i'm taking french (i finally need to actually learn my own language geeze) a photography class (i need to learn my own camera) a a history class about women.. should be quite boring i imagine. and some sort of sociology class. i think i'm gonna bail on those last two and just take a math class or something. i am not a fan of sociology and history.. i like it but i like it on my own terms.

i cant wait to move. i need to get out of here. i dont know when i plan to escape. but gosh. i'm getting suffocated and claustrophobic here. i don't know what to do. i wish i could win the lotto or sell some of my paintings for a lot of money. i want to become the next van gogh .. but a girl... in 2010.. with oil paints.. 3D with nature glued to it..
i can't leave my cat. but i can't take her with me because she loves it here. i would be so lonely and empty with out my cat. she is my best friend. she loves me so much she is like my own little daughter. except she is grey, really furry & fluffy, can't speak and has a tail.

i am basically a confused daydreamer of a girl. & i don't know what to do next. my brain is being driven in a zigzag circle upside down backwards dance. i'm in limbo. nothing is satisfying.


michelle said...

I feel ya.

jenna said...

She is the most precious cat I have ever seen.