Thursday, November 12, 2009

sneak attack photos

me taking photos from behind the rock..

then i noticed i had been discovered by my boss lisa..
haha thanks lisa.. youre the best.


Jenna said...

Bahaha this makes me laugh. lovah you.

Valencia Lia said...

Such fun photos !!

I really love your candid shots,you look so beautiful always <3

Shafiq Hakim said...

Someone looked very happy to be discovered. lol.

Shahrin said...

hi my name is shahrin.. nice pictures you have have here... sorry correction.. great pictures... I have just jumped into photography.. i' am waht you say an amature.. but its nice visiting your blog... di visit mine if you have the time... and leave some comments... thank you

Victoria-H said...

oh that is such cute photos !! =)

Barbro Andersen said...

Haha, such feel-good pictures :D Love it!