Friday, April 9, 2010

my chocolates are all gone

the easter bunny brought me Godiva gem chocolate truffles.. and they are all gone now. i hate it when i eat my goodies too fast..

Anyway, i've posted all of my things up on my etsy for purchase , please oh please pass the link on will you? i need to get rid of everything! if you don't like the price... let me know. help a girl out!
i'm re-doing my life.. starting fresh. i'm getting rid of everything really. except my books. and sentimental things. you know.

i'm sick and its annoying. because i work today and i'm going to the gym. and i just don't want to be sick... its just wasting my time.

last night i was cleaning out my phone - like deleting pictures i don't need and videos and people etc etc. and i came across some really good photos so i sent them to myself and to any people who were related to any of the photos for one last viewing before they were gone forever. here are a couple i found that i really enjoyed:

i took this a while ago.. anouk in the background all fluffy. so funny.

yosemite last year with lindsay ... we had such a fun little trip.

i hate it when i come across photos of my self where i look good . because i don't look as good anymore. ugh. i was tan-ish here.. dang.

haha this is so funny/ thats anouk on the post. my mom said it reminded her of snoopy as a vulture hahahaha ...


Jared said...

I'm glad that you are allowing yourself to let the painful memories of the past go. That will help you as you move forward in your life. Remember... When you smile, you have the impact to create an explosion of joy burst around you and that smile will cause others to smile. So when you feel able, don't hide it.

Ginger said...

Your camera takes good pictures. Mine...awful. Good job, Cassie. Out with the old memories only to be replaced by new ones. How exciting. Who knows what the future holds for you...there are no limits.

Cantaloupeisland said...

Starting fresh can be a great thing. I like the snoopy pic you posted. Classic! Hope things start to turn around for you Cassie. ;-)

What the Street Wears said...

hehehe, funny :D