Monday, April 19, 2010


i cant believe its supposed to rain until wednesday. what the heck?
luckily LA will be clear and warm ... cant wait for that trip seriously. this week is going to go by so slow i just know it.. painful ! tay & i are gonna laugh so much. we already discussed it.
mitch & i are going to have piña coladas on the beach. wish that was tomorrow... it is so needed. in bathing suits... hahahaha.

i hope i remember to take pictures on my trip tho. i ALWAYS forget. other people take photos but i always forget to use my camera. which is stupid. its a nikon d300s ... how could i forget to use something like that? im ridic.

here is me today. a picture i took for someone.... no make up because it was my day off. . never happening again because i have such pathetic eyelashes. maybe i should paint my wall the way it looks in this picture. it looks dank! ... all green and faded... i wonder why it even looks that way.

aaannnddd here is payton in the shirt i sent her
with the origami flower i sent her.. so cute.

& ... i've gotten back into wizarding :


daisymay said...

That last pic is awesome and Payton is so cute!

beautifulurself said...

i dont thinks your eyelashes look pathetic, since you can still see them and all w/o makeup...i have to use a eyelash curler on just my right eyelash or else i looks like there is nothing there at all, with or with out makeup. WAH!

Unicolie said...

Wizardering, Haha, that's something I haven't thought of in YEARS. my 6th grade teacher was OBSESSED with wizardery. God I miss that man...