Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'll tell you why

but i don't know.
its simple and so complicated
i could walk all day on the railroad tracks
but there's much more to it ... than that.

here is my spring addition to my series of "the fence"
i posted the previous photos along side my blog ... (fall & winter)
now i'm just waiting for summer.
oh man i can't wait for summer. so much going on.

i can't wait to be in LA already. do i really have to wait another week? damn man.

my favorite time to drive is early early morning.
there are two beautiful instances i can recall exactly :

driving home from west shore lake tahoe from Martins cabin. driving on that windy road along side the lake before the sun was up over the east mountains listening to Mirah (you think its like this, but its really like this) "suck on my sweet tooth till i'm sore." it was freezing outside. but so clear. my subaru was hugging the road. i was still in my sweatpants . Martin had let me sleep in the master bed room by myself because i drove up for just one night. it was such a nice thing of him to do. I was secretly racing the sun home. i made it home just as the sun was hitting my driveway. i felt fresh that day. up at martins cabin over looking the lake:

my second time was driving home from my one day trip to Yosemite. i drove down to visit Lindsey and we stayed in one of her cabins. we had a fun time that day. swimming in icey water, skipping rocks, driving to see Half Dome, taking really cool photos that night. she came in to sleep in my room because she swore she heard a mouse in her bedroom. it was funny and i miss her. i woke up much much before the sun was awake. as i was heading out of the National park lines the sun was just touching the tops of the trees. i looked back and saw the beauty and the crisp fresh start of a day in that amazing place. long hot drive it was the whole way home. summer time mornings are still hot. i forget that. outside the cabin having fun with light tricks & exposure.

i love driving. i've driven my car so much. it has over 200,000 miles on it now. i've driven all over the place. and i'm still planning on going so much further. Northern lights... portland... seattle would be neat too .


Jenna said...

That picture of you and Lindsay is the neatest ever. I like to drive too, sometimes I wish I could just get in to car and go. Leave everything behind on a whim. Stupid responsibilities.

daisychain said...

have a great week x

sweetevis said...

Cassie I love the pictures you have of the fences!