Thursday, April 22, 2010


- a winning scratch card
- scribbles on the calendar
- anticipation of a trip
- a mushroom shaped candle.
- a new room
- a new place to call my own
- a camera bag
- books
- something in the mail
- mermaid memorabilia
- mugs
- some prints 4x6
- feathers , with color.
- some new stamps on my passport
- a different number
- some nail polish that i actually enjoy
- electric outlet covers
- a new lamp shade
- some apples with peanut butter
- my tail bone is out of place forever
- day dream mind
- answers
- something good to come my way
- Luck?
- something to look forward to
- a change in direction
- a reply from India would be NICE.
- wealth
- whatever
- some love , some real love
- frequent flier miles
- a ring
- IDEAS for a creation
- thai food
- loke reunion part 2
- macbook pro
- a serious bike
- some sunglasses that won't break or get lost
- anouk to stop swatting at me
- another kitten
- maybe a lizard or snake
- a bottle of wine
- san fran with meg
- japan with other meg
- an island by myself
- a boat
- a different candle by my bed
- some more pictures with my friends
- a different kinda life.
- an ice cream sandwich
- some new halloween socks
- a massage
- a zoom lens and a fish eye
- artwork
- summer sun
- soft blankets
- a new tyedye pillow case
- make some new curtains
- god damn it
- a new set of suitcases
- a hypnotist
- going to bed early
- i need to take more pictures
- national geographic dreamin
- a bed frame
- a HAMMOCK!!!
- a journal to write my stray thoughts in instead of using a facebook status
- oh brother
- Nice, France - angels
- some dentyne ice
- a board game
- a new bathing suit . hahaha for real tho
- bank account
- learn to carve wood
- learn to make pottery
- learn some more languages
- get rid of the bug on my wall

.......... wishin on a star.
& puttin some hard work in too.


Unicolie said...

This was a good idea.
I need to make a list or something like this.

David said...


Jenna said...

Hey my tailbone is out of place forever too! It's weird and hurts sometimes. Stupid brother's fault..

michelle said...

nice! my favorites were the ones about food and a hammock and luck? and "- god damn it"