Tuesday, April 13, 2010

gotta love it when ..

when you can't even blog anymore because the haters come around.
oh boy.

its whatev.

on to more important things....
my feet are cold and i really need a vacation.
Portland? my fairy godmother lives there and i haven't seen her or my little cousin Noëlla since thanksgiving 2008./ too long ...


i'm a nice girl. with some nice dreams..


Tiffany said...

Portland is amazing. I have some family up there too!

michelle said...

ewwwwwwww I hate it when the haters come around the blog world

Portland is good.

Only come here when the sun is shining though.

sanchez said...

I know what you mean by haters!

They are horrible to me sometimes.

Also, I've never been to Portland but I've always wanted to go! :D

daisychain said...

down with haters, you are fabulous

Cantaloupeisland said...

Portland is just across the water from me. I can see that mountain from Victoria(at least I think that's the one...)

Jeff Yeats said...

I grew up there! As much as I love Utah.. Portland will always be my home. Let's take a road trip!