Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2 weeks down

So its been two weeks since i've lived in Utah.
Haven't seen one friend yet . But thats okay, its not like i'm limited on time or anything. I've been establishing my place as head of the household & boss. haha yeah right. We've been updating our home and getting ahead of ourselves with the ideas we keep coming up with.
We painted the fireplace border area "Volcanic Earth" brown ... We have potted herbs ... Rosemary in the kitchen. Chives, Basil, and ummm i forget the other two. those are outside.

Tonight mitch and i are going to Temper Trap. I get to meet basically everyone he knows.

Mitch & I have also been literally eaten alive by mosquitoes in our own home. I have 3 on my face. 5 on my left leg. 2 on my left arm. 2 on my feet. And more other places i just am sick of thinking about it.

ummmmm well.
I skyped my cat yesterday.. it was nice but i miss her a lot. im such a sucker for my cat.


Colin Roe said...

i leave town the 21st

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