Monday, August 30, 2010

laughing fit

tonight i couldnt stop laughing. it all started at the dinner table. then i got up to go to the sink and started to laugh all over again and laughed so hard i cried. been laughin ever since. i havent laughed that hard in a while.
here is a picture of me and payton laughing on the kitchen floor. mitch took it.

this morning a storm woke me up because mitch forgot to close the blinds. so the flash of lightening woke me up. plus it was super cold. and the window was open. and i had to pee really bad. payton was awake too. oh ya this was at around 6:30 am! fun! so payton and i came down stairs and watched Barbie... somethin about rainbows and whatnot. and ate oatmeal. made coffee and well, just kinda lazied around all day long in our warm pants and stuff. however the storm didn't stay all day, but the chill did . we went on a walk and a mitch caught a grasshopper and handed it to payton & it jumped out of her hand and then jumped on her leg and it scared her really bad but.... i couldn't stop laughing... i didn't let her see i was laughing tho. that would have been mean. but for some reason just the fact that it decided to jump back onto her after trying to get away was hysterical to me.

so i havent really blogged in a while. sorry if i'm boring. whatevs oh well. time to play this game with mitch.. farcry... whatever


Anonymous said...

Love this picture, its amazing, you both are lovely. I'm so happy for you Cass! -Iris

Ginger said...

That picture is so pretty. It should be matted and framed. I'm glad you are laughing so hard. You must be really happy and that makes me happy.

Jenna said...

Your happiness makes me happy :)