Sunday, August 22, 2010

lush & a wedding

so mitch finally came back from the east coast on wednesday and he brought me back surprises! he went to this store called Lush and got me bath soaps, bath bombs & bath melts. he got me this sea salt scrub that is divine oh and he also got me this lotion called Dream Cream that is amazzzzing. he got Hope in a Jar for my face because i have dry skin. and basically i am a smooth skinned, soft & moisturized lady now thanks to him. still so happy with my fun cosmetics he brought me. I have a great thoughtful boyfriend. since when have i been this lucky?

Tonight I am cooking dinner for Mitch's parents, niece, nephew & brother. I'm excited to feed everyone my food.

last night i attended Jake & Lauras wedding ..... it was cool . the last wedding i attended was my Fairy Godmothers which was quite a long time ago. I've been to about 40 or more weddings but i've always worked at them... being a guest at one like last night is a whole different story. i really liked it. It was pretty & relaxed. And i realized it was Mitch & I's first appearance as a couple in public around lots of people. hahaha. i mean we've gone out in public and stuff but not to events. i really enjoyed it. Cheers to Jake & Laura for tying the knot.

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nothing to write home about said...

I love LOVE love Lush... I bought a whole bunch of lotion bars in Seattle, they are fantastic... however... I did take one to Vegas and it totally melted and evaporated and completely disappeared on the drive there... too hot for me...