Monday, June 20, 2011

summer time ~

me 'n my main girl

i'm bad at blogging.
not much to say it seems.. i don't know whats significant enough to write. i've been in utah for almost 2 weeks. just got back to california. having two homes is rough. i love utah & california so much. so different from each other. i need more friends in utah tho. because i have so many friends in california and i love having friends over and meeting up with them etc. i need that in utah too. i'm tired .

i'm craving salmon . & i want to go kayaking .

OH !! hey .... went on a hot air balloon ride this weekend! it was incredible ! i loved it sooooo much , it was beautiful. we took some photos , as best we could. but i was so happy to do this! everyone knows its been one of my dreams to do it. it was everything i expected. peaceful, beautiful, thrilling, FUN, & lovely.

me & mitch

after landing , deflating the balloon
the view from the air over park city with
another hot air balloon in the distance

i miss utah . cant wait to head back. WISH ME LUCK.

this is a huge blog post . its HOT in california. am i ready for summer ? i hope.


Me(g[an]) said...

i love mini coopers!!! Payton is the cutest lil munch ever...she's adorable!!

michelle said...

I really want to take a trip to california and go kayaking... ive never been and REALLY want to go. especially there... its so pretty there.