Thursday, May 3, 2012


there is a pack of coyotes outside my window.
seems a bit early for that. but i like it anyway.

ive been on overload lately.
feel like i havent hardly been home . maybe because i havent.

my therapist wants me to write
i love to write
i love to write and have people read what i write.
she thinks its a good thing to get voices back about what i say and how i write.
encouragement and feedback. ideas and thoughts.
but yet i never get any of that. is anyone out there?

so i dont know where to start.
i dont like talking about my usual day to day crap. thats so boring. i dont even know.
im too tired right now
i'll get better at this soon. i'll get back into it like i used to be. so for now , go read my past posts. those are fun. most of the time.

i'll leave you with this photo that i like :

1 comment:

Shay Jones said...

YOu are soooooo authentic... Refreshiing!!! Hope little bits of your authentic-ness rubbed off on me from reading your lovely posts... cherio darling!!