Wednesday, May 23, 2012

jack of all trades

song of the week ... i just adore this. 

im a jack of all trades
ive always known this about myself 
but hearing someone else say they know that about me 
was like, letting me know that the way i am is okay. 

i got myself a pocket moleskine . 
my therapist told me i should write more. 
for a few reasons. one being that i forget everything. 
so writing my thoughts down will help. 
and second, its my way of expression. of getting it "off my chest" . 
everyone has their own form of expression... art... verbal... writing... whatever. 
mine is personally writing. ive always had a way with words. 
and i do like photography too obviously, but i never knew i was good at it until it was my job for 2 years. 
but ive always known i was good with words. 

but damn it. here i go... rambling... 

im updating my ipod tonight. i got super sick of everything on mine so im freshening up a bit. i posted that nice little number up top that i am fully obsessed with. i just cant stop listening. i'l try to put up a song with each blog post. i dont know if anyone listens to the songs i post, but at least it'll make the blog a little more interesting right? 

i did indigo eye liner today... took a photo of it.

but i still wish i had my old nikon. maybe the next camera i get will be a nice canon or something. i think i want to try canon this time around. with a 50 1.4 .. of course. 

have a good night 

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