Sunday, May 6, 2012

cinco de mayo in SF

tiffany, myself & brooke on our way to dolores park for cinco de mayo
i missed the memo to stick my tongue out ... i guess doing that is all the rage. 
head wear by my girl maddie @ chainrush on etsy
showing my hula skills at the park . my pal laura so finely captured me in motion.
i think its the first real photo of me doing hula well. 
oh just a typical shot i have to get each time i enter the city. 
bay bridge thru maui jim rose polarized glasses with sun flare 
*not supermoon - laura
i tried the tongue thing for the photo because tiffany is my most wild friend
so i tried to be wild like her. but she pulled a normal face. hahaha
laura, me and tiffany. i had my eyes closed so i wouldnt squint 

basically had a fun time. just chilled out . 
rolled into the bay around like 2 it seems. tried to vote for the president of france (sarkozy, heard that the other fool won, there goes that... not moving there any time soon. that kills my plans) but downtown was packed and brooke was having an anxiety attack because she hates driving in the city. i SWEAR i am the only person out of each and every one of my friends that can actually drive in cities.. wait, im the only one of my friends who SHOULD drive in cities. they should never do it again. they all get anxiety, develop a case of the bad mood attitude, and get pissed off and irritated and can't be as aggressive as me. its so funny... for me. the i get in trouble for laughing. 

anyway , grabbed a cab from tiffany's domain off Cole & Haight, headed toward the park, met up with laura at dolores. sat and chit chatted with our lawn neighbors. hula hooped, laughed, squinted from the sun all day long and generally had a nice time. can't wait to head back there again for a longer weekend. happy cinco de drinko everyone... too bad i have no idea what the holiday actually stands for. whatever... 

and now for the song :

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