Tuesday, May 8, 2012

i guess that crystals are beneath me...

seriously loosing my mind again.
i dont really even know what im looking for or expecting.

i just want what i want.
its that simple.
i want to travel. i want to live in hawaii. i want to learn spanish.
and french. i want to loose weight. i want longer hair. i want friends.
i want to sell everything. i want to watch movies. i want go to sleep.

but for some reason , all of the above... seems impossible.

traveling? HAHA. sure cassie. with what money and what time?

hawaii? yeah okay. see above

spanish? french? when the hell do you think you'll have time to learn it, let alone REMEMBER IT.

loose weight? yeah then stop eating. what? jesus christ.

longer hair. unattainable. ive been trying. and its not getting long like it used to be

friends? how can i have friends when everyone in this god for saken town is set on hating me and excluding me and ignoring me ? i dont get what i did. i just dont understand anything.

sell everything.. who wants junk? anyone? anyone? bueller?

watch movies. time? whats that?

sleep? you have too much to do. but what do you have to show for it?

someone please help me.
or wait dont.
everyone who tries to help me wants something in return. or something. i dont know.
maybe just leave me alone and stop being mean to me.



Anonymous said...

move to SF my only altierior motive would so so i can have a friend. you should try and save money. i know your car keeps breaking down and shit but try that. alllllsssooooo. you should really really try to go to outside lands with my its and amazing festival in SF 3 days for like 265$ its so worth it. i always put it on my credit card and then pay it off slowly. thats what i do with my life but w.e. at least im livin it. barley. i really think that if you moved to SF you would like it. i think you would be really creeped out by people at first but then your would just be like fuck creeps im going to live my life. and there is so much free shit to do here. like free drinks free shows free food= free fucking good time. somtimes you just have to take a leap of faith. sometimes i think you over plan things and then if it doesn;t work out you like freak out. not everything needs to be planned. fly by the seat of yo pants girl!


Anonymous said...

Better to let it fall into place then when it doesn't surround yourself with negative energy. Anyone can do anything will the right mind set.

Rachel said...

I might be able to help. Mail me

Anonymous said...

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible.....just make the leap.

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