Saturday, November 8, 2008

coat check

i made $75 in tips. & made new friends from all over the world. it was really fun doing coat check. hearing all the european accents made me feel really homesick. my heart aches.

today was a good day turned bad. i woke up to little birds making a winter nest between the vines & my window screen. it was great. i love the little tiny snow birds they make me so happy & i'm happy to know they are going to live outside my window. i miss my family & friends. i am going nuts because i'm being copied so bad that its driving me out of my mind. i just want some lindt chocolate. all i want. i should probably get the $75 sampler.


cult classic said...

ahahh cassie you pushed his schooter over ahahhaha i bet he was devistated!

stephanie said...

Im sorry to hear that you had a bad day, I saw you on the steps, at least I think so? anyways, Sorry no Hello, I was in a hurry.
Hope your week gets better

cult classic said...

ahah damn navada! worst state in the books!

stephanie said...

hey, well have to get together soon, I have so much going on it's not even funny.. But txt me sometime, keep in touch k

Pres8Jes said...

awe, you told me about kickin the scooter..i hate when things just get ridiculous and ya both just get upset. how was your ravioli last night?i ended up meeting my dad for dinner at la frontera. thanks for bein a homie yesterday you made me feel better about alot. lets get together soon!