Sunday, November 16, 2008

weird day

i did nothing all day.
i walked marley & guillermo & got slobber all over me. so bored. today was just so boring i can't say it enough. i ate at noodles & co. that was good. i go to california next week. i can't wait to get out of there for a little while. to see my friends. my family. be with people. i'm such an outsider here in utah. no matter what i still feel like i haven't lived here for 6 months. i need clothes. i'm so cold often. shoes too, oh yeah. i need to get this side table to natalie. its so heavy & i can't do it by myself but no one can help me its driving me nuts. next week can't come any faster or slower. just come already.

i miss the summer time. i miss having friends. whats it like?

evah remembers me from pry on murmers zine #1. that made me feel good. guten tag.

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stephanie said...

marley already knew how to sit, and lay down. And just gets too excited to do it sometimes