Monday, November 24, 2008


some people just aren't very interesting to listen to. or very interesting in general. i'm glad i am. or at least i'd like to think so. nah, i know i am. today i bought christmas lights for our front window. i put new curtains up and put the lights around the window and it looks so much nicer. i'll take a photo of it when i get back from california. when i get back we are also going to re-install our computer desk. and get our apartment back into shape. yay. i say we meaning me & chase. not my room mate. this is really just MY apartment i guess. i got my new shoes today. they are wonderful. they keep my feet warm and they look so perfect. just in time.
today i cleaned my car at the car wash. and cleaned the inside too. i can't remember the last time my car looked so SEXY! its all shiny and cool looking. subaru's are the best.

i stole my neighbors ice chest because i'm a snake. i'm giving it back when i'm done tho. i left a note. i already packed up most of my stuff into the car. because i'm that excited. i could just do it tomorrow but... why not do it now? kylee is watching my little angel anouk while i'm gone. anouk is going to miss me so much i know it. i got her fancy feast turkey feast in gravy for her to eat on thanksgiving. i love my cat alright. man i love my new window/curtains/lights. its to my right so i always look over and see this great new addition to my already cute apartment and it just makes me so happy. i'm also super excited to see FRIENDS. because for some reason every freakin human being in utah is a creep (besides a couple) and impossible to be friends with so i'm just some loser in a great apartment with a cat that i talk to... i'm just excited to see my best friends and go pretty much anywhere and be guaranteed to see some one i know. i miss that. plus bomb food! TijuanaTaqueria, Mels & Z-Pie. YUMM. plus my mom's cooking on thanksgiving and shes making her lasagna on saturday for our last meal. i won't turn that down, i love lasagna. there is so much to look forward to and to do that i feel i won't have any time to do it all. well. its time for me to get my laundry and go to bed. big day tomorrow. long drive ahead...


Ginger said...

Hey thanks for the vote on the pictures and drive safely tonight and have tons of fun!

:( Sorry, I haven't read this post yet I got to take Easton to preschool but I will.

Ginger said...

Am I one that you like? I hope so. We like you. :)