Tuesday, November 18, 2008

story that makes me cry every time

i am highly addicted to stephens gourmet hot cocoa. i have it every morning & every night, as long as my schedule permits it. who knows if its healthy or not... all i know is its delicious. this is not the story that makes me cry.

this is the story. it starts with my dad being away in europe for about 3 weeks. and my brother being in Afghanistan for quite some time. well, my brother came home last week and hes staying until the 26th. my dad just got home on monday night, and no one had told him that my brother was home. so it was a surprise. my dad walks in the door & hugs miranda, my sister, and sees people on the back porch. (my brother & two friends) he registers after a minute that its my brother. he goes "zachary?" in his sweet little french accent (i can just picture this all in my head) and his eyes start to water. he stands in the entry way with his hands over his eyes then walks forward and he stumbles over his luggage and goes out onto the back porch and hugs my brother zac and cries openly in front of everyone because hes so happy & excited to have him home. i'm crying again right now. i don't know what it is about this story that hits a string in my heart but it does every time. and i cry because i'm happy and loved not because i'm sad. i just love my family so much & i love how we all love each other.
my sister called me that night it happened to tell me and she was laughing lightly at it and when she heard from my end of the phone she said "are you crying?" and i said yes then she started to cry too. then my mom called me this morning and i told her i cried when miranda told me the story and so my mom told me the story in more detail & i cried again and then it made her cry and oh man. i'm just glad i'm seeing them all next week or else i'd be a mess.

well. i should go to sleep now. how the heck is it 1 in the morning? am i crazy?


Ginger said...

Thanks for sharing. I can see how that is a tear jerker of a moment and I am SO HAPPY for your family to have your brother home! How great is that!

cult classic said...

i about cried. i can totatly see your dad doing that. i can see it all perfectly in my head.

lindsay said...

it's kind of funny because i remember when your family moved to carson road, but i couldn't ever remember which house it was...until i saw the massive american flag with your brother's initials on it :) i always say a little prayer for him when i go by.
hope your visit home is a good one!