Tuesday, November 11, 2008


so lately i've been doing nothing. because annie is in moab for a week. so i have no work to do, and i dont work at wellsfargo till thursday afternoon. i've been on the computer a lot & watching the news. i've been talking to an old friend who is friendly again. i wish it would snow. i'm making chicken & pasta for dinner tonight. i am going to paint our christmas ornaments for our tree. i'm getting a head start because i know i'll be busy in december.

today i brought anouk over to sams house to see everyone. i had told bryce & chase the other day that anouk was really cool & funny so i wanted to show her off to the guys. yeah. anouk SUCKED. the entire night ended up a total mess. anouk went under the counter and sam, chase dallin & i had to tear apart the floor boards (while bryce watched & ate fries) and do all this crazy nonsense just to get her out. it took about an hour. it was so gross. she is in big trouble. i gave her a bath which she HATES. she clawed my nose trying to get out. she doesn't get any love today. i'm too really furious.

well. i'm hungry & i need a sweater. i also need more blogger friends because i feel like i'm the only one that even blogs and says hi to other people on here now. no one does this anymore. bleh.


cult classic said...

ahaha dude at least your not stuck doing homwwork. i ahve a 6 page minumum essay do on fucking poems. i hate poetry. im really excited about next semester tho bc im going to be taking a sculpture class!! yee!!! everytime i think about it i get all giddy.
and i wish i could paint more. but all i can afford is water clolor and i like detail and you no it runns together and stuff so agro.
bbut yea sorry sam and anouk suck. she prob jsut needs time to get used to all those stinky guys.
she will come around.
and omg aesop is on a pee pee war path. today he has been sprincaling everywere hahaha its gross and agravating and kinda funny.

Ginger said...

Oh poor kitty and poor Sam's house. I am always looking for more blogger friends. It is addicting. I love reading your blog so don't stop.

cult classic said...

you totally have to show me some tricks. bc i want it to run sometimes but like i duno i kinad understand but not really.
i have to pint a section then wait 10min for it to dry. aganizing!!!
i would prefer like iols but coast is no bueno

Pres8Jes said...

i never have time to write a blog i feel like, im so freakin busy and tired, i'll write one for you soon. dont forget about my lj, i write in there tooo. hahaha anouk got in mischief! is she getting big? i havent seen her in awhile.

alexandra jade said...

can i meet your cat. k bye.
oh p.s.
what are you doing for christmas.
and p.s.
i feel the same way, about no one blogging.