Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day

i don't get to vote, because i'm not registered in utah. but let me just say i tore up the flyer that was left on my door knob today telling me to vote for someone. i got new tires today. & a big box of pasta. i'm trying to get sam to come to my house to watch the good tv channels with the election on (i pay for cable. sometimes its worth it). i'm trying to get his room mates to come too. i'll wear red white & blue, to be patriotic.

quick funny story. i was outside my apartment & i called up through the window to my cat anouk. & i waited for her. & she popped up in the window & saw me & pushed her head into the screen & meowed all franticly. then she waved her head around meowing the way she does when she wants to see me really bad or cuddle. i was laughing in the driveway/. so when i came through the door she was sitting on the rug like she always is when i walk through the door & she meowed all sweet. she loves her mother so much.

oh, my friend tiffany needs YOUR help. go to her blog and post a comment telling her how many pairs of jeans you own.: tiffany


Ginger said...

Yes, socialism sucks. :( Man we should have had an election party. That would be cool to wear red white and blue and watch FOX news channel.

Ginger said...

Yeah I really had it on all day yesterday. CNN and MSNBC were too pro Obama for me.