Friday, November 21, 2008

where the magic happens

there it is. my dining room table & TWO chairs. isn't it great? the two chairs are so cute together i think. now we just need one more chair. triangle shaped. just kidding. it just needs to have the same pattern thats all. & it has to be 18 inches high. I took a trial run christmas photo with my cat today. Its more like a prison photo, but at least she's look at the camera. Once we get more christmas things I'll get a christmas photo of me & my cat for real.

well. its cold over here. i can't wait to get my new shoes. they arrive monday. just in time for tuesday's departure to california. i am so excited. i just want to bring anouk with me. i don't want to leave her here. she's too young. & i'm uneasy about it. she'll miss her mother way too much and she'll be scared and confused. i can't wait to make the peach truffle for sunday dessert. i'll photograph it. yummy.

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Pres8Jes said...

awe, your chair looks great, i need to come over to your place before you leave. we're doing thanksgiving at my apt this year, it will be funny. im making my rolls from scratch that i do every year, they're the best ever. who is babysitting anouk and when do you get back? muchas