Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5/30 - halloween ghost

this ghost was made for me by Tom. Tom is the little boy i've been watching since he was 8 months old.. he is 4 now, he turns 5 in January. he has a twin sister Jill.. so i get double the fun & double the cute.
this is the ghost Tom made for me .. i think its got to be the best ghost i've ever seen in my life. I especially like the partial piece of cotton glued to the torso and the different size eyes. its brilliant. its hanging on my wall forever. its so good that i made it the photo of the day for day 5.


jade said...

ok when do you get here?? what you doing for halloween? yA should just move here! seriously.

jenna said...

Hahaha that is such a cute ghost! I love your background picture by the way. So eerie.

Ruta said...

awww that's so precious.

ps. i love those shoes in previous posts and mr. mouse is doing well. :) i wear him all the time.

Natalie said...

omg that is the cutest ghost ever. a little casper haha! i loved the movie casper :)