Monday, December 28, 2009

Live at the Fillmore !

this is my trip thru photos from end to start . everything is in reverse. and i am too tired to fix it.
i will write later. my flight leaves tomorrow for salt lake city @ 3:30. my back hurts way bad. this sucks. it's 1 am. EW EW EW. this is not okay. i love sleep too much to stay up this late. word of advice: do not pack last minute. that is going to be in bold and have its very own chapter in my book.

i love railroad earth. (opening band was hot buttered rum.. they both ruled). i love san fransisco. i love megan. i love the new scarf i got (photos to come). annnnd i am way behind in updates via photos. sorry. i'll fix it later. enjoy


michelle said...

oh I miss it there.
ive seen hot buttered rum a few times, those bands are so funny.
love pictures.

Lisa said...

love that shot of your friend by the railroad tracks- all of it- nice work cass! How was the apple?