Friday, December 4, 2009

long way to go

my song of the week.. its marvelous.
i wish SOO bad that i could go to their show on the 27th this month at the Fillmore in SanFrancisco.
i have no one to go with tho. whatevs. I love Railroad Earth. i mean that music is just amazing. I wish i could play the banjo. I held one and strummed on it a little bit at the music shop down town. i'm in love .

i've been scared on blog world because finals. I should be doing math homework but i needed a break. I am going to utah december 29th until january 7th. i have 3 photoshoots! woo! i'm back in the game. very happy about that. so of course you'll all see photos from those later. i'll probably try to get more but for now that's awesome.

once my vacation happens i'll be more exciting. so don't forget about me over here guys.


Cantaloupeisland said...

Woot for new photos!
You must get a banjo. It is a necessity to play bluegrass. ;-)

michelle said...

I wish I could go to the show in san francisco! oh that would be amazing. BUT it would be about $100 total for me to go to portland and probably $500 to go to san fran.


I also wish I could go to sea of dreams new years san fran, I went a few years ago and it was seriously crazy.

im very jealous of your location