Friday, December 18, 2009

newest modeling photo- FRUIT SERIES !

this is Me.. Strawberry!

Clementines- Paris Gibson | Korean Melon - Sue Tran

Tamarillo - Lilian Henrie | Golden Kiwi - Erynn Schmidt

all of these were done by the fantastic Mikenna Rae- Here is her blog: MikennaRaePhotography

we did these back in august. love them. im so pleased. i really love mine. i love that i look like the only pleased one.. haha . yum. & no.. we didn't eat the fruit afterward. Instead we ate chinese food.
anyway .. tomorrow i have a wedding to attend. so i won't be around much. BUT i am putting up a pair of my earrings for a giveaway over at Valencias blog roll up your sleeve .. they will be posted tomorrow on her blog ! so be sure to enter.. there will be directions and rules etc... so take a peak and tell your friends. woo!
here is a peak at the earrings that are being placed up for giveaway:


Jen said...

ahh, you look fabulous in that photo :)

Ginger said...

Those pictures are nuts! But kinda cool.

Jenna said...

You're is my favorite. And Sue's!