Monday, December 7, 2009

snow up to my mid thigh

funny story. so i was JUST ABOUT TO POST THIS last night .. and the power went out. it was the best/worst timing. how funny.

so i knew it was going to snow. the news said a couple inches. i woke up to feet of snow.. and it was still snowing. i wasn't worried tho because i have a subaru and it glides thru the snow like there isnt even any snow in the first place. so whatever. but then i throw on my snowboots and go out side and .. low & behold .. it went OVER the boots.. which go almost to my knee caps. so i was like cool now my pants are wet.
i dried them off once i got into the carport. i was fine.
then i backed up into the snow and plowed the way out of my driveway and onto the freeway. it was so easy. but then.. the mayhem started to take place.

the freaks and idiots were out and about. driving like they were blind, damaged or invisible. so i had to take backroads. which was risky. SUPER risky. but i did it. so i was almost to my college.. crusin down the road. no big deal. then out of NO WHERE i see a huge oak tree covering the whole road. yeah you would think that a person could see a giant oak tree blocking the whole road from far away right/? nope not the case. so i was like holy shiiiii and had to pump my breaks and swerve off. and turn around and got mad a bit since i was SO CLOSE and now i had to go all the way back? damn.

so off i went. to brave hwy50 going up the mountain to my home. what a mess. people suck. some people were trying to make two lanes on the free way and it was like.. okay just back off and chill out because you're going to get stuck, hold up traffic ,and piss everyone off so just go slow (and p.s. DONT TAIL GATE ME IN SNOW , ARE YOU STUPID?) and deal with it. when i wasn't having fun driving thru the snow - i was getting pissed off at the idiots around me who were driving too close to me or driving their tiny lame cars in feet of snow & getting stuck. who does that? your toyota camery doesn't belong on any road during a blizzard (or at all?) so don't try to act like you can do it.

whatever! so i finally get home. after an hour of maneuvering around fools and plowing thru snow and i go up my drive way and .. not even kidding.. i get stuck.
i was going up and down steep hills on unplowed back roads with thick snow and i didn't get stuck. hahaha but as soon as i reach my own domain my car is like eh whatever im tired. so i had to call my dad to save it.

but i must say that when i left my house it was almost to my knees so my car did fine, and it did fine down the hill because its lower so even though it had a lot of snow it didnt have as much as it did up higher. and then here in this picture .. the snow was up to my mid thigh. i am only 5'2 but still that's some serious snow.

(i also think i REALLY need a microscope.. because anyone that knows me knows i love macro images. so a microscope would rule. plus i want to see my own snowflakes.)


michelle said...

thanks for giving my toyota camry confidence in the snow this year haha aw I still wish I had a subaru.

Molly said...

ugh i don't like the snow and we had a snowstorm last night/this morning... only a couple inches though.
i *love* my subie! best car in the snow EVER!

Ginger said...

Brrrrr. So are you done with your finals now?