Sunday, December 20, 2009

my uncle who lives in the south of france posted this video on his facebook page.. i love it. its funny that him & i have the same music taste. does this mean i am getting old? i'm only 21. i get to see railroad earth in 8 days. 27th! fillmore in san fran!! SO EXCITED.

i'm also going to be in utah in 10 days.. i'm excited to see me friends. i dont even know how my trip is going to play out. so much to do in only a week and 2 days. ahh


Jen said...

awesome video, what a sexy man :P
have fun in utah!!

daisymay said...

Hey again, thanks for telling me the blog link wasn't working I have now re-set it so it does work now, but here it is for you if you still want it

Merry Christmas

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