Saturday, January 30, 2010

George Echavarria

here is my 3rd attempt at doing an art piece of a human:
it is in pencil & charcoal.. never used charcoal before. it was interesting. i think it's supposed to be used on paper but i did it on canvas. i was too afraid to paint on George because i really liked the way he turned out in my penciling of him. One day i will get enough courage to try to paint on a sketch that i like. But for now, George will stay like that. George is from Coal Township, PA. i don't know who he is. all i know is that his photograph in an old magazine clipping that was in a folder long forgotten captured my eye and made me want to attempt to draw him. He is hanging out the outside of my door. He is my favorite art piece this year.

close up :

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Jenna said...

Everything you do is magical. Just so you know.