Friday, January 8, 2010

evelyn eslava - old abandoned house

so this was my first photoshoot i did while in utah - it was FREEZING. i hope it doesnt translate into my photos. my lips were purple afterward. hahaha. i love how soft evelyn's photos turn out. very feminine and unique. i really love it. and i'm even showing off my earring in some of the photos! my nose is quite pink in most of these because of the cold.

in the last photo here .. i made that dress it was a boring velvet dress but i took it in and chopped the sleeves and made it shorter.. i love it. it is tight tho and i have a pretty big bum.. so i gotta be careful.. haha .


Jenna said...

I love how these all turned out. You're so pretty Cass :)

Cantaloupeisland said...

This is my favorite shoot yet. So beautiful! I will defiantly be drawing some of these when I am do the others. Great work Cassie!

Anonymous said...

it was cold!!! you did great! (: