Tuesday, January 12, 2010

why do you like me?

why do people like me? what is it about me that people like? cause i have no idea.
i don't think i'm that cool.. i've always kinda thought i was a loser who made bad jokes, made faces in pictures and laughed at inappropriate things. i'm also kind of rude and i spend way too much time on the computer. (in my defense, i live in the country & i hate driving all around & spending money. plus i am taking online courses.. so back off)

but i really am curious. WHY do you like ME? i want reasons.. i need to compile them and put them in a notebook to remind myself that at one point people actually liked me.. just in case everyone stops liking me for some reason. (see above: 'rude' & 'laughs at inappropriate things')

in the mean time.. while you are thinking of reasons , here are some "behind the scenes" photos of the photoshoot i did with Ryan Muirhead .. this was after the shoot was over and we wanted to take some goofy photos before packing up.

the models : nicole bullard, myself, lianna hartley & alissa sosa

here i am making a face at a photoshoot
... i have no idea what i was doing :

"pouting" i think i am the only one who did it right.. haha :

laughing ! :

no idea whats going on here :

we were tickling each other.. liannas idea.. hahaha :

i can not remember what was going on here.. but it is GREAT :


Anonymous said...

people like you cause you are YOU! and your way nice and real (:

well that's why i like you.

ps. you girls look PRETTY!


You actually listen a lot of the reasons why I like you, my favorite is the laughing at inappropriate things. I agree with Evelyn, you ARE real, no bullshit, that quality goes a long way with me. You're adorable, the faces you pull are priceless. You're smart and funny, funny is HUGE. You're very pretty, some of the prettiest eyes i've ever seen. You are creative and you appreciate creativity. We've got a great connection and i'm glad to know you!

Cantaloupeisland said...

I would agree with the above comment. ;-)

Also(and I haven't met you in person) I like you because your unique(your taste in music, art, style, life etc.) makes me think that you stand out among the rest.

I like your qurkiness and happy spirit. Your intelligent and knowledgeable without being stuck up about it. Your humble even though your attractive, but you don't let that go to your head. And that's cool in todays world.


Ginger said...

Who wouldn't like you or think you are cool? You have great taste in men :), clothes, hobbies, etc. And you are loyal.

daisychain said...

Gorgeous photos.

I like you, because you are you and have a real way with words.

Valencia Lia said...

People like you because you're so friendly and such a nice person! I'm not kidding you are:)

I love love these candid shots,so natural and its lovely

maritaBliss said...

Lovely pictures :D!

Little Paynes said...

I like you for your honesty and because you are never boring. I like you because you are so small and yet your personality so big and bold. I like you because you are fearless. I like you because I think you are me all over again 20 years later.I like you because you not only tolerate diversity and new things and situations you seem to need it, like a flower to sunshine. I like you because I feel that I have so lived your struggles and am hesitant to dole out any advice because I so haven't got it figured out yet and also figuring it out is so fun. But I do have to say this. I have spent most of my adult life wanting to live some place else and it only gets harder with age to live there. So, my only advice is live in Utah now, if you want to, otherwise it will get away from you. and have to quickly follow that up with don't ever move someplace for a boy, the boys will come to you in time.