Sunday, January 3, 2010

more more

those are some of my other photos.. jozef, ryan & mikenna. i am so pleased. more to come. enjoy.

man oh man. i am so exhausted. i can not wait to go home.. even tho i am gonna miss it here big time. i feel like i've had a ton of time and used it all to the max but that i still need more because i havent done EVERYTHING that i need.
i'm watching "hes just not that into you" its weird. i dont really like movies like this but ive heard people say its good. i should go to sleep. but this movie. dang. tomorrow i am going to eggs in the city with charlie at 8. then i have a shoot at 10 with mikenna and phillip.

i miss anouk.


Jen said...

you're stunning! My favorite shot is the middle picture in the first picture of the three photographs.

Jenna said...

I am so loving seeing all of your new stuff. You have done a ton!