Thursday, January 14, 2010

weird day ..

today feels like its been going on foreeevvveeerr..
i woke up at 4 , because audra & jackie had to wake up to go to work. they both work at Bean Barn. the best coffee shop EVER. trust me on that.. because i have had a lot of coffee from a lot of different places. Bean Barn rules. but, in the mean time sam knew i had to wake at 4 am so he wanted me to call him to wake him up because he had to work at 6. (he is one hour ahead of me) so i called.. no answer. called 2 more times. nothing. i got home and called once more before going back to bed.. nada. i was worried but what else can i do? so i text him and hoped he was awake. i woke up again around 8 and he also was just waking up.

sam .. oh dear. he is one crazy boy. he is in parkcity today. working on a 20million dollar mansion. if i had 20million dollars.. do you want to know what i would do with it?
i will SHOW you.

audi a3. need i say more?

105mm 2.8

sb 800 flash

80-200mm 2.8

plane tickets - to:
croatia, south america, japan, china,
norway, france & egypt.. & thats just for this year.

my own home library. i would LOVE this right now.

chinchillas.. oh man i want one SO bad.

i would adopt & donate more to the world wildlife fund ..
i've already donated to the amur leopard & the bison. love

i've always wanted my own horses, donkeys & mules.
i love mules..

donate to this charity.. as well as tons of others.

a honda metro.. so i can ride around with my sammer.

california king tempurpedic ... oh YUM

gosh i'd get a lot of stuff. i cant even think of what else. i'd get a lot of little things. and save a ton of it too. i'd get a house in salt lake city. and in Nice, France too.

but i don't have 20 million dollars. and i am pretty satisfied with what i have already. so i think thats pretty cool.


Ginger said...

You WILL have $20 million some day. Marry rich, I say.

David said...

I used to have an old Audi A3. Loved that car. many good times were spent sleeping in the back on top wondrous mountains...

but your right, 20 mil, not so important. It's what you have now and the things you hold close to your heart.

Jenna said...

I love this post, I love you!

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