Sunday, January 10, 2010


so i am on page 541. there are 850 pages total. i LOVE this book. it makes me wish that it was my life. back in the day. with some brave, handsome, cool scottish lad who loved me. but nope. i'm just in california. with no one who loves me.
i wish men would read this book. and learn a few things.
i wish this book would be made into a movie. directed by james cameron. because then it would be really long. but i wish i would be cast as the role of claire. i am too young. but still.

today i am going over to jackies. jackies boyfriend is in canada for a week, so we are having a girls week. it should be good fun. oooh yes. tayler is coming jan 20th and stayin with me until jan 29th. i am sooo excited. we are going to road trip down to san fransisco for a couple days. then back to my house (homebase) and then drive up to humboldt and check it out up there since thats where we want to move eventually. it will be rad. i can not wait to see the redwoods again. YES!

i'm not attending folsom lake college this term.. or anymore i hope. i'm really excited. instead i am getting my bachelors degree from the Indian board of alternative medicine. so that i can move onto the real stuff and get my masters & doctorate and become a real naturopathic doctor! FINALLY! i am excited. however, i was looking forward to learning about photography and learning my native language of french.. whatever. i'll just take private classes or something. i just dread going to public college/school. i dont know why. i guess its my history with public education.

last night i went to see avatar in 3d (for the 2nd time) with gabe sady, megan, lisa, & garrett. the 2nd time around i noticed some cheesy parts and some connections. but over all i still really liked it. and it STILL made me wish i was Na'vi and hate mankind. haha dang..

these are two photos i took at beehive. i love the first one. i just think its random and weird. and the 2nd one.. of course i love it. its black peach tea mixed with black vanilla bean tea. no sugar, cream or honey added.. perfect as is. i crave it. i also crave white peach oolong tea from chinatown in sanfransisco. ahhh im goin NUTz.


Jen said...

those last two photos are so stunning! and i want to see avatar again too (this time in IMAX 3d!) :)

and no i didn't get an email :( try sending it again?

daisychain said...

thanks for the comment! I've never heard of that lotion before, will have to keep my eyes peeled.

Karobaro said...

Thanks for the book tip! I'll check it out on Amazon:)

kim said...

love the look of yr blog, layout, fonts and images. inspirational. thanks!
XXX, Kim

Cantaloupeisland said...

Is that the book by diana gabaldon? If so, my cousin said it was quite good. If not, then what is it about?

Sounds like you have some exciting plans Cassie. :-)

chanelle said...

i saw the word herbologist somewhere and i thought of you. - i'm glad i'm back too. it just makes sense y'know? and yeah, it's a painting i did earlier. you should do one too for your background!

AVY said...

Books that make you wish it was your life are dangerous. I wrote about that a while ago.